Full Value Guaranteed

Are you tired of overpriced under producing cleaning contractors, who handcuff you to long contracts. Ever hired a cleaning service that started out great but within a month ended up just emptying the rubbish and putting out toilet paper? Well that never has to happen to you again 100 % guaranteed. Others promise but no other cleaning service will provide the following full value guarantees.  

Fantastic Standards Every Time: 

If your standards drop below those that you had on the day we quote, then your clean is Free. In fact that whole week of cleaning will be Free, and we will come and clean the whole site from top to bottom Free.

Unrivaled Reliability:

Should we miss a clean no matter rain or shine we will come in immediately and carry out the work Free, and the rest of that week's cleaning will be Free. Currently we have an 100% attendance and have never missed a clean in twelve years. 

Your in Control:

Our agreement doesn't tie you into a fixed period, and you can decide the notice period. Our ethos is that we are only as good as our last job, and if we don't live up to our promises you can end our agreement with no strings attached.