Looking For Something Different . . .

 Frustrated, fed up with the lack of response and poor communication from your current cleaning provider.  Many commercial cleaning contracts change hands from one provider to another. In many cases the original cleaning workforce remains intact under TUPE and the only thing that changes is the t-shirt they wear. 

Commercial cleaning has been at the heart of our business for over twelve years.  We offer a unique forward-thinking cleaning service that is different from other local cleaning providers.

We truly believe that we are only as good as our last job, thus we see no need to tie our clients into long contracts with termination penalties.  Our clients decide on what termination period they would like and there are No Contracts.  All our services are backed up by a 100% Full Value Guarantee for peace of mind.  We want our client to stay with us because they want to not because they must.

No matter the size of your business large or small every customer is important to us.  You can rest assured that we will provided all our own equipment and supplies along with a dedicated team of hygienists.  Our aim is to deliver a first class cost efficient service that you can depend on.  Contact us for a Free No Obligation Quotation and see how we can make the difference. 

We Employ Hygienists, Not Cleaners !

There is a definite distinction between cleaners and hygienists.

Hygienists are - 'specialists in the promotion of clean conditions for the preservation of system, facility and human health.'

DBS CRB Checked Vetted

Trust - Honesty - Reliability . . .

We understand that you don't just want anyone coming into your business and cleaning, therefore all our hygienists are fully DBS checked, along with extensive background checks.  Unlike other cleaning providers we know who is working for us, and who we are sending into your site.  


Training - Passion - Quality . . .

This is what makes us different from other cleaning providers.  All our staff undergo an extensive training program designed to ensure a consistently elevated level of service.  Our hygienists training program includes: videos, step by step guidelines for systems/procedures in the promotion of clean conditions, and protection of human health.  They also get one-on-one hands on training.  Finally, they are placed in a team until a manager feels the individual is competent.  Hygienists get ongoing and regular scheduled mandatory training sessions.  

How Clean Is Your Work Space

Sanitising Workplaces . . .

Hygienists go through an intensive human health training module to ensure they know exactly how to achieve Clean. By using an efficient and designated team of hygienists we are able to address common problems found in most working environments which include:

  • Staff sickness - sick building syndrome
  • Spread of infections and diseases
  • Breeding ground for germs 
  • Cross contamination   
  • Aesthetically unpleasing
  • Nasty odours
  • Dust mites

We Sanitize As Standard . . .

The following surfaces are classified as high risk of cross contamination and are sanitized on every visit as standard.

Telephones - Computer Keyboards & Mice - Light Switches - Doorknobs - Door Push Plates - Railings - Banisters -  Desks - Reception Areas - Kitchen Cabinets - Kitchen Sinks - Taps - Food Preparation AreasMicrowave Oven Controls - Refrigerator Handles -  Coffee Machines - Water Cooler TapsToiletToilet Buttons - Showers - Soap DispensersHand Dryers - Towel Dispensers